Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chill Pills

One day at work (quite a long time ago) I was involved in a stressful project. I was invited to attend yet one more meeting about whatever the very controversial subject was. I really can't even remember what the topic was. I could feel a headache coming on so I thought I would take some aspirin before the meeting to ward it off.

As I reached in my drawer, I grabbed a bottle of some kind of vitamin supplements instead. That gave me an idea. I took two of the honkin' big white smooth pills out, took a fine black perma-marker and scrawled "chill" on one and "pill" on the other and stuck them in my pocket.

Then I gulped down two aspirin and headed off for the meeting. As predicted, the meeting grew long, people began to lose patience, tempers were beginning to flare. Just as the heated discussions were reaching their crescendo, I reached into my pocket and tossed the tablets to the middle of the table. "Anyone want a chill pill" I asked?

Tension broke and the room filled with laughter. It's the best medicine, you know. It releases endorphins or something into your system. It turned out to be another good day at work!

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